How to replace car radio & how to remove car radio

Time to update that old CD player that came with your vehicle? A brand new car stereo the simplest way to fall high-tech performance into just about any auto. Here is the way to swap into a new device.

Step 1: Removing The Car Stereo

Well, the first step to installing your new head unit would be to remove the old! In this manner, you don’t brief any fuses.


Finding a blown fuse can be time consuming and frustrating so take our word that this can save time in the long term.


Once you’ve completed this, begin to remove the trim from around your stereo to access the screws.


I’ve discovered the trimming removal instructions from Metra to be very useful once you do so. Oftentimes, trim has to be hauled in a particular direction to prevent cracking or breaking it.


Metra does a fantastic job at helping you visualize the way to pull your trim off and where. Go to, scroll down to the vehicle fit guide and put in your car.


As soon as you’ve completed this, click on one of those dashboard kits (this is the bit of plastic that you’ll mount your head into. It replaces many parts of your trimming to make a seamless fit for your new stereo).


If you haven’t already bought one of those dash kits, we HIGHLY suggest that you do. It can simplify your install by 10 fold.


As soon as you’ve chosen among the dashboard kits, then click on the PDF link below the “Documents” on the left. You’ll find complete instructions for eliminating your trimming step by step!


Your head will be mounted in one of 2 ways:

  1. Bolted into the dash with brackets and screws. This is the harder choice to removing and in which the Metra instructions will be additional helpful.
  2. Secured with mounting sleeve and spring clips. For this type, you are going to wish to purchase our recommended stereo removal keys.


It’s worth noting that eliminating trim is most likely one of the harder tasks in eliminating your vehicle stereo. You’re going to be blessed if you do not hit at least one trim piece which isn’t a nuisance.

In these cases, you really want to use a trimming tool to wedge between the gaps and gently work your way round the trim bit.

Patience is key because once you break a trim piece, there’s no turning back. Start at a corner and work your way around the piece.


Once you’ve removed your trimming based on the directions, dismount your factory outlets and then disconnect the wiring on the rear of this unit.

Step 2: Wiring Your New Car Stereo

If Crutchfield conveys a vehicle-specific wiring harness for your car or truck, you may use it to join your stereo for your vehicle’s factory wiring harnesses.


This will guarantee that everything functions effortlessly, exactly like the factory stereo .


Your stereo will also incorporate a radio wiring diagram from the operator’s manual. Consult with the 2 diagrams to validate the automobile stereo cable colours which have to be linked to the adapter tap.


The wonderful thing is you could create these links onto a workbench, desk, kitchen table without needing to be within the automobile.


If a harness isn’t readily available for your car or truck or when the factory stereo plug has been cut away, you ought to recognize all their car’s stereo cables and connect them to the cables of your stereo.


If you bought your stereo in Crutchfield, our Tech Support staff could have the ability to inform you the colours and capabilities of your vehicle’s wiring.

Step 3: How to Install the New Stereo?

Now that your cables are all completed you are prepared to set up the head unit. Connect each the cables first.


Make sure there are no exposed wires which might be in touch with any component of the motor vehicle.


We recommend connecting your own battery and analysing out the stereo before completely installing it back in the dashboard.


You will want to bring the mounting mounts to a head unit.


In case you’ve got a dash kit, then use those that have the kit. Otherwise, use those from your factory outlets. In case you’ve got the dashboard and mounting kit, then follow the directions from the guide.


Otherwise, you will want to test in which the new head device sits, and fix your mill trim to make it match. That is normally a challenging endeavour.


Slide the stereo to the opening at the dashboard, making sure the wires are tucked rather than pinched.


Occasionally this may require a couple of times once the automobile has a tight dashboard opening.