How to get a dent out of a car

Dents are pulled out from the outside or pushed from the inside.

Popping a dent out in the back side offers more chances for applying the necessary force. By pulling it out the challenge exists in applying sufficient force on the place without damaging the paint. Therefore in case of pulling, vacuum is used. In some specific instances glue stickers can be used. However, removing their residue requires the utmost care.


A dent in the bodywork doesn’t necessarily result in paint damage. Contemporary vehicle paint is flexible and also using a bit of luck a dent can be treated without any need for paint. The most important part in flattening is heat. Cold paint is brittle and crumbles readily. Thus, a dent should always be adequately heated to permit the paint to accommodate to the bending of the alloy.

Step 1 Hot Water

Before applying tools, try the following: wash the dented surface with hot, maybe boiling water. With a little bit of luck the metal will bend and pop back in its original shape. This works on plastic bumpers. The hot water always supplies sufficient heat to generate the paint and the material smooth.


Step 2 Plunger


After fixing the dent with warm water, apply the plunger and pull strongly. This is often sufficient for repairing large, shallow dents.

For smaller dings and scratches that a more compact suction device is required . The belt pads of a smartphone holder are a suitable option. High-grade holders have strong, small suction pads which could be applied on the metal with force. In retail, heavy duty suction cups are available for only a couple of bob.